Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surgery and Recovery Update

I haven’t written much about my actual surgery. It’s not that interesting, really.  I went to the Newport Hospital, where everyone was super professional and so nice.  I was there for less than 5 hours and it went very well.  I left with a big fat bandage on my right foot, a lovely blue Velcro boot to wear and my crutches.  As I’ve posted before, Nick has been wonderful and has taken care of me so well. 
I realized one morning when I was home alone that I could crutch around and make my own sandwich, get my own drink etc, if I just had a way of moving it.  So, I found the plastic grocery bags and threw everything in there and carried it by the handle back to my nest on the couch or chair. Nick had a brilliant idea and tied the bag to one of my crutches and calls it a saddle bag. Too funny! 

Thursday, I went for my one week follow up doctor’s appointment.  It was SO nice to have the bandage removed and let the ol’ foot breathe a bit.  The doctor said it’s healing very well and I could wear the second boot he gave me that has a very thick wedge on the heel end for walking. I tried it in his office, felt sharp pains in the foot and wimped out. I brought it home to play with later. 

This morning, Nick suggested I try the wedge boot again. I did and have been hobbling around a little without the crutches. It’s SO liberating!!  It looks ridiculous and is a good three inches higher than my other bare foot but it’s so much nicer than using the crutches. I even went into the kitchen and swept my floor. That dirty floor was driving me nuts!
So, in conclusion, I’m healing quite well, feeling good about being in my second week of recovery and thankful that I’m laid up when the weather’s been so yucky. I’m afraid if we were having nice spring weather the last week I’d have been crutching around outside, crawling on the patio so I could pull weeds in the beds. I’m so ready for spring and a little yard work.


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Yay!! Progress :):)

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Sooooo fashionable. ;) No worries, you'll be back in cute shoes in no time.