Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pre-Op Appointment and Goodies

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the clinic for my pre-op appointment. At this time, my doctor sat down with me (and Nick) to tell us exactly what to expect and to give me everything I’d need for my surgery.
We filled out forms, medical history, medications I’m taking and allergies, etc.  Then he gave us instructions. This is why I brought Nick. I wanted him to hear the Doc say “no weight on that foot for three weeks”   (this includes driving since it’s my right foot)  I wanted Nick to be aware of just how much he was going to have to do to take care of me and to keep the household running.
After about two hours, I left there with several “goodies” 
He gave me these two scrubby sponges/brushes. They are wrapped in silver below. I am to scrub my foot really well with one of these the night before and the morning of my surgery.  I think that’s just lazy. Why can’t they scrub my foot when I get there?  I really feel like it’s going to need another scrub before they cut into it!
I also got three bottles of medication. One is a pain medicine and the other two are “just in case you have reactions to the pain medication”  Apparently the side affects of this medication are constipation (I got a pill for that ) and itchy skin (I got a pill for that too)  The lady at the pharmacy knew who my doctor was by this combination of medicine. She said “Oh, you must have “Dr. M”  this is his cocktail” 
Then we headed over to physical therapy where they fitted me with crutches.  Let me just say, I’m clumsy at my best. I can’t imagine trying to maneuver on crutches and having a few pain pills in me. It could be a problem. Notice the lovely footwear I’ll be sporting.  I am to take that blue boot with me to the hospital so they can slip it over my bandage when I’m ready to come home.
Do you think anyone will be wearing this on the spring fashion show runways?  It’s lovely, is it not?
I’m home from my trip to Texas and I have to say, it was a wonderful visit. I saw so many old friends and really had a good time. I got home very late last night and have tried to get a few things done around the house today. I’m a little behind and feeling overwhelmed because in another two days, I know I’ll be out of commission. I guess Nick will have to handle it all.
Tomorrow is my birthday and since I’ve been instructed that I can have no alcohol the night before my surgery (which is the following morning) we went out for my birthday dinner tonight. We went to a local restaurant that we love. I had a wonderful glass of chardonnay, raw oysters and stuffed shrimp. I ended my meal with an Irish coffee. YUM!  I’m feeling very full, very satisfied with my meal and ready to go to bed at 8:00. 
My good friend Cindy is taking me for a pedicure tomorrow for my birthday. What a doll she is. I really wanted to have my feet and toes done before the surgery and now I will!  I may have an ugly bandage on my foot for a while, but there will be beautiful toes under there!!


Jen in NY said...

Hi Paula--best of luck to you with your surgery, I hope you recover super quickly! How fun to get a pedicure for it! I'm sure you'll do fine with the crutches. Thinking of you!

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Nothing like a pedicure to lift your spirits!! Makes any shoe (including that beauty you're going to get to model soon) look sassy!! French tip is my favorite :)

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Paula! I hope everything goes well with your surgery. I'll be holding a good thought for you!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Looks like you're all set. I hope it goes well and the men in your life are in a pampering mood. :)