Friday, February 25, 2011

Ravioli and Herbed Bread

I mentioned that I would be making Jennifer’s Pan Seared Shrimp and Four Cheese Ravioli with Vodka Cream Sauce.  I made this a few nights ago and it was beyond delicious. Nick loved it, I loved it and we want it again!

I wanted to make some kind of herbed bread with it, so I found this recipe on  It’s called Jo’s Rosemary Bread and it’s wonderful!!  I could have eaten the whole loaf.
Here it is about to go into the oven.
Here it is after it had been baked. It smelled soooo good and tasted wonderful!  I poured up some extra virgin olive oil with fresh cracked pepper for dipping.
This was a feast worthy of any Italian restaurant. If you’re craving really good pasta with an awesome sauce, try these raviolis and their vodka sauce.  For some simple herby bread, I definitely recommend this one.
Today I’ve been a baking fool. I promised my father-in-law more fudge (he’s been asking since Christmas) so I made that yesterday and decided the mailing box is quite empty with just fudge in it. I used up some very ugly looking bananas and made him some bread.  One of Callie’s favorite cookies is Ranger Cookies and I almost never make them.. so I made her a batch of cookies to go into her next care package.
I found a delicious looking recipe for tonight’s dinner. As soon as I saw it this morning, I knew I had to substitute the lemon chicken I was going to make with it.  Check out Your Home Based Mom’s Chicken Parmesan Soup  It’s rainy and yucky here today so I figured this is a perfect feel good dinner for that kind of weather. I am making Michelle’s Italian bread to go with it. YUMMMM!
I have had a wonderful week of trying new recipes while Alex has been gone.  Most of them, I knew he wouldn’t eat, so it was the perfect time. Nick really loved being spoiled with such special dishes.  He’s telling me now, that it doesn’t matter if the boy likes them, I should make them more anyway.  We’ll see how that goes. I’m not sure I can let the boy live on PB&J just so we can eat what we want. However, I do think he needs to broaden his horizons a little and try different things. Maybe I will try to ease him into it.


Marissa said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! It looks like you and I like a lot of the same recipes on :o) I have made both the Rosemary and Irish Soda bread and loved them! can't wait to read more about your Army life!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Your cooking is inspirational. How do you find the motivation to make such complicated meals each and every day?

Paula said...

Mindee, believe me, last week was a challenge! This week I'm going back to simple and one pot/crockpot meals. Once in a while, I get crazy :)

Romantic Dinner said...

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