Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fabulous Finds!

Recently, I was reading some of my favorite blogs and came across a post where Jen, over at Jen’s Fun Little Things,  told about some terribly cute Valentine’s placemats she bought at the Christmas Tree Shop. I am a recent fan of The Christmas Tree Shop since I just moved near one in the last year. I’m a big fan.

So anyway, Jen posted photos of the cutest heart shaped, quilted placemats I’ve ever seen. I immediately wanted to go to my local store to see if I could find them. I had my doubts, because at my store, all the cute stuff is snatched up in a hurry and nothing good is left for long.

I hit the store the day after Valentine’s Day, sure that I’d missed out on the Valentine’s placemats. It was ok, I knew I’d find other things I just had to have. (like cute wooden shamrocks for my front door and kitchen)

I decided to dig through the Valentine’s clearance bin and there they were! Two different patterns!!  I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so I got them both… four of each. How cute are they?



IMG_1484 IMG_1485


As you can see, they are reversible. I just love the fabric and patterns. The quilting is done in heart shapes. So cute! If I had a little tiny girl at home again, I’d probably hang these on her bedroom wall. But, I don’t. So, I will put these away and wait until next Valentine’s Day to use them.

The best part of this fabulous find? The price! They were normally 2 for $3.00 but were discounted to half price. I got them for .75 cents each!  I also found some cute Americana star shaped mirrors. I’ll share those in another post.


Jen in NY said...

I still have mine on my counter...don't want to put them away yet, they are TOO cute! So glad you were able to find them, and I love the patchwork pattern ones as store didn't have those! GREAT deal you got there!!

Michelle said...

Adorable! There is no Christmas Tree Shop here and I miss it. Back home a group of us would stop by once a week over our lunch break and snatch up great deals. Miss that.