Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Long Weekend

My goodness, has it been crazy here!
Thursday, we had two other families over for Thanksgiving dinner. I regret that I got no photos of the wonderful food. We had TONS of food leftover, even with four teenagers eating (two of them boys)  I think the only thing we completely wiped out was the 40 rolls I made. Holy cow those kids love their bread.
Nick fried a turkey and it was delicious. The only pictures I got were of him dropping his bird in the oil.
Notice the concentration. He's serious about his work. (or not starting a fire)

It was a good time for male bonding too. The guys stood around the fryer. The view's not bad either.

Let me tell you, that turkey smelled SO GOOD as it was frying. What's not to love about deep frying something?

Friday we bought a new tree. It's artificial and it came from Home Depot. I love it, it's beautiful! This was at the beginning stage.

Here it is all complete. It took me forever to get my stuff done this year. I'm not sure why. I will write a whole post about my "Decking the Halls" experience tomorrow. Tonight, I have Beer Cheese Soup in the crockpot, little smokies awaiting being wrapped in dough to become pigs in blankets, and football on the TV. It's time to relax.

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Momma Lew said...

Love your tree! It's amazing what a science it is to put ornaments on your tree, I am the same way LOL.