Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Holidays are Coming

Halloween is past and November is here. It's officially time to start getting my act together for the holidays.
Last year at this time, my husband had just returned from Iraq. (a year ago this week) and the holidays were sparkling ahead of me. I couldn't wait to make him a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner and to have Christmas with all five of our kids.
This year, I have one child at home. No one is coming for Thanksgiving and I'm a little down about it. The child at home doesn't get excited about Thanksgiving (except for pie) and that doesn't help. The varsity football team plays at 10:30 AM on Thanksgiving day (who does that?)  which will throw off my cooking. Is it any wonder I'm not feeling it?
The last two years Callie and I were so excited about Thanksgiving. We spent days making our menu, shopping lists and plans. We made pies ahead of time and prepared right up to the day. On the glorious morning we got up early, turned on the parade on the kitchen TV and we both worked to make a fabulous meal. We had friends, single Soldiers and others over to join us that would otherwise be alone.
This year I will be at a football game, will not have help in the kitchen, and will be cooking for a kid who doesn't appreciate the work or the food.
Christmas will be different this year too. My oldest daughter, who just married her sweetheart, is on her way to Hawaii soon. He is a Soldier and is being stationed there. I just have a feeling that they will not be able to come home for the holiday because of the expense. I will ship their Christmas to them and miss them terribly.
The other kids are coming in and out at odd times.
Callie will arrive first on the 17th of December. JD and Meghan fly in on the 19th. Alex is here until the 21st and he'll fly to spend the week with his mother. JD and Meghan go back home on the 24th. Callie is here until the 28th. Alex returns on the 29th. The other Callie, Nick's daughter, hasn't told us one way or the other what she is doing.
I need to find a plan, make my lists and get on it! It will all be here before I know it and I do NOT want to be unprepared.
I just sent the first of many emails to my kids begging for their lists. It's the first step.
Maybe I should just go shopping. It makes me feel better and I can start the Christmas gifts/cards/treats. Yes.. it's a plan!

My Callie had her 20th birthday on the 31st. Yes, she's a Halloween baby. She has always called the day "Calloween" in her honor.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter who has grown up so much the last few years and continues to make her parents proud.

Remember Callie? The one who gave me snarky looks all day we moved her into the dorm because I wouldn't put the camera away? Yep, that's her. My 20 year old. I sure miss that girl!


Rannyjean said...

Paula, I totally know where you are coming from! We are blessed to have a wonderful friend and we go to his house at Thanksgiving because he has the bigger kitchen. My oldest 2 live in California and can't afford to come home, my youngest has a wife who is due in December with grandchild #11 but they will fly out with the baby in February. When hubs and I weren't raising grands, we went out to dinner on Thanksgiving. It took awhile to get used to it, but there were so many others in the same boat to celebrate with, it wasn't the same but it was Thanksgiving! Love Calloween!

JG said...

This is our first Thanksgiving away from family. I was really not looking forward to it, honestly, but my brother my come for Thanksgiving, so that makes me happy. And I've about decided that for the 2 (possibly 3) of us, a whole turkey would be overkill. Just a turkey breast should work, right? Unless SoldierMan insists on a whole turkey...I hope not...

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

My girls could give yours a run for her money in the snarky looks department ;)
Our Thanksgiving will be quite different this year as well. I'm afraid my oldest is working up the nerve to ask me if she can fly to North Carolina to her boyfriend's parents' new home (Yikes!). My father-in-law died shortly before Thanksgiving last year so we just pushed our way through...since then 2 of my sister-in-laws have decided they don't want to be married anymore (Huh??). We don't know whether or not we will have anyone except us and my husband's mother, which will be quite an adjustment from our normal hullaballoo...we'll make it though ;) and so will you ;)

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Ugh, if you'd like to plan a holiday, you can plan mine! I prefer not to think about it until I absolutely have to!

Debbie said...

I don't blame you for being a little bummed about Thanksgiving. That doesn't sound like it is going to be conducive to a "normal" feast!
I'm glad you will get to see most of your kids around Christmas.

Michelle said...

A football game on Thanksgiving is crazy. And what's with kiddos not loving the food, it's my favorite food holiday. My youngest grumbles all week long about the yucky Thanksgiving meal I'll be making her eat. *rolls eyes* I hope your Thanksgiving turns out better than you expect.

The OutPost said...

Sending lots of Hugs for the Holidays..I will come to you since the DFAC is Shut..what am I going to do ? When does your daughter get here..Sad I have to leave you messages on your blog..miss you