Monday, November 29, 2010

Decking the Halls

As I promised yesterday, I'm writing about the Christmas decorating that went on here this weekend.
First, let me tell you that Alex had a BOATLOAD of homework. I don't know about you, but teachers giving assignments for projects that no kid can do on his own is getting old. It's real old and I'm so over it!  This last project was a "scavenger hunt"  This came with a paper of 14 clues. The clues led to historic places all over town. Photos needed to be taken and a slide show made. Oy, this was time consuming. I tried to make it fun and educational but in the end it was a battle to get done.
Anyway.. on to decorations.
This year was painful. I still wasn't feeling 100 percent and had NO help at all. Callie always helped me,  Alex.. not so much. Nick is useful in hauling stuff, but not actually doing any decorating. Maybe it's a good thing he steers clear?
We bought a tree since ours didn't make it from Hawaii. It was wearing out and we threw it away last year. I love the new tree. It's the most real looking one I've ever had.
I have a fairly traditional decor for Christmas. The colors are red and silver. Even my gift wrap is done in red and silver. Most of the ornaments are pretty traditional as well.
I start with some fabric ribbon as garland.

Then I add some red berry picks.

Then Poinsetta picks.

Then I add red and silver balls. No photos of that.. it's pretty basic. I starting putting in additional ornaments then. They vary from year to year because I just have so many. A lot of them are recent additions. It's just so much fun to let the tree tell your story!
Here is one I picked up at the Rockettes show week before last.  

This next one is hand blown from Hilo, Hawaii.

Of couse there are a few whimsical ornaments in the middle of the more traditional. The weiner dog, for example.

The pirate Santa my mom bought for me when we went to Boston together.

The sailboat I got here in Newport.

I love this one. It came from a great gift shop back in Hawaii. HoHoHo!
My star is not traditional at all. It's pretty funky actually when compared to the rest of the tree. I love it though.

Tomorrow I'll give more of a tour of the place. My stuff's not fancy or expensive, but it is me.
Do all of you have the halls decked out yet?


Renee said...

Great job Paula!! Next time post a picture of the finished product!!!

Michelle said...

You have me itching to get a tree & I love your star. My teen isn't into decorating much anymore. I'm hoping she comes back around. While my youngest is too eager. Can't wait to see the rest of your decorations.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

We decked a little bit last night...tree is up and has lights...:) I want a big wide red ribbon though and now that I've seen yours, I really want one!! My decorations are very traditional as well and you hit the nail on the head when you described your tree as telling a story. Those kind of ornaments are my favorites too :):) Beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest!

The OutPost said...

My halls are decked but it took a month to do it...I love your new tree...I lost your me

Anonymous said...

I am putting Poinsettias on my tree this year too! I just bought some yesterday at a second hand store and they are exactly what I wanted!
Great minds....
lynn s/w

Momma Lew said...

I LOVE your star! It's so pretty! And that ornament from Hilo is gorgous!