Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Wish...

I wish:
That being over 40 didn't mean that it's harder to stay in shape, and harder to see things without reading glasses.
That I could do my own nails and it would look like I stepped out of a nail salon.
That my beautiful hardwood floors cleaned themselves.
That it didn't take me longer and more products to look decent every day.
That I had an unlimited budget to decorate this beautiful house the way I want.
That my dogs weren't getting older and going to make me sad one day.
That my kids could be closer to me, no matter where I move.
That I could have Sunday dinners with all my kids once in a while (see above)
That my kids could all be happy, safe, and financially secure...forever.
I wish for world peace. I know everyone wishes for world peace, but being an Army wife and seeing just how much the lack of peace hurts the people who fight for it...makes me really, really wish for it.
I wish all the service members serving in dangerous areas of the world could be home with their families. I wish there was no hurt in the world.
It's a lot, but it can't hurt to wish, right?


The OutPost said...

I figured I would call you in case you were ready to stick your head in the oven..
miss you

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I could pretty much copy and paste that list. :)

Online Shopping said...
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