Monday, August 1, 2011

Slowly but Surely...

Slowly, I'm starting to find my niche.
I have a FABULOUS group of ladies in my neighborhood. They have taken me in and treated me like an old friend. We get together several times a week either for coffee, cocktails, or to walk. Actually, they walk every morning but I have been easing myself into it. These women are hard core and they kick my butt!
I'm having a blast with them and they have made me feel so welcome.
Alex flew in today after a month with his mother. The kid hasn't seen a barber shop or a razor since we left him there. First thing tomorrow, haircut.  We won't leave the house until he shaves that fuzzy face! Oy.
On another note, it appears I'm on the spouse's club board already. One of my fab neighbors was the membership chair, but really, really wanted to be the bazaar chair, so her assignment was to find some poor sucker,... um.. volunteer.. to take the membership position. Me, being the sucker I am, said, sure! I'll chair the membership committee!  (committee meaning just me)
So, exactly one month since the day we rolled into town, I will attend my first board meeting. Nothing like jumping right in!
I figure between the butt kicking walks in the morning and finding something to do with my time, I might lose a few of the pounds I've packed on during the last few years.
I'm loving being here and can't wait to really get involved and meet more of the wonderful people who work behind the scenes here.


The OutPost said...

So happy your happy...just don't forget your old
Membership Chair, are you are gonna be one busy lady come November....
miss you

Kimberly said...

Be careful with those cocktails...pretty soon you'll be involved in all sorts of extracuricular stuff that isn't extracuriclar.

Word veri - muthummu (??)

Quiltingranny said...

Paula, I thought of you yesterday as I was driving by JBLM on my way to Seattle. I am so glad you are getting settled and enjoying our beautiful area.