Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road Trip Continued

After the big wedding, we flew back to Green Bay and enjoyed a down day on Monday. It was so nice to enjoy cooler weather, do laundry, and not rush out that morning to hit the road again.
On Tuesday, we hit the road running. Since we had left Callie in Texas (after moving her into her apt) we only had Alex with us. We left Nick’s car in Green Bay to be shipped the rest of the way so we were down to one kid and one car. Needless to say, we were PACKED in that vehicle on Tuesday. Two adults, two dogs, a teenage boy and a whole bunch of stuff.


Max curled up in his tiny space.

Cleo in her cage.

There was some really beautiful farm land between Green Bay and Fargo. What a fantastic part of the country… in June. Not sure I want to experience it in the winter.
We arrived in Fargo Tuesday evening, dropped Alex off with his mom and checked into our hotel. Now we were down another kid and a whole lot of stuff he brought with him.  We spent the following day with our other Callie in Fargo. Once again, it was nice to not get up and hit the road. We struggled a bit to find something to do to fill up a whole day in Fargo, ND. So, we hit the zoo.

It was a small zoo, but so well done. I have to give it to the community and people of Fargo. They have put great effort into this zoo and it has the potential to be a very cool place.
The next morning it was just Nick, me and the dogs. We have three more days! The drive between Fargo and Billings, Montana, which was our scheduled stop, was very beautiful. We saw lots of flood water and the Badlands. Beautiful!!



Did you know that North Dakota grows a huge percentage of the world’s mustard? It’s a beautiful crop!


That night brought us to Billings, Montana. We stayed in a very cool Best Western and saw this outside our rooms.

Little bears outside like they were climbing up the balconies. No, they’re not real! The whole place was decked out in a cool Montana, log cabin, ranchy kind of way. I loved it.
The next day we drove on to Spokane and stayed in another fantastic Best Western… who knew?  I didn’t take a lot of photos that day because, honestly, I was getting tired of the whole road trip thing. Here are a few interesting things I saw.

This was a huge cow sculpture up on that mountain. I can’t really know why it’s there, but it was photo worthy.

The flying geese sculpture. Again.. why?

Max with his head wedged between the back of my seat and the door. I can’t describe how bad the smell was with his breath fogging up the right side of me.

Cleo.. still in the cage...still not liking it.
Saturday, we finally arrived in the Tacoma area and checked into what would be our home for the next few days while we waited for our stuff and our house.

How cute is this place? 
I will post photos of our new house soon. After that first day of walking through it empty, I’ve not even taken the camera out of its case. I’m such a slug. The unpacking and settling in has taken over my life. I will take some soon. It’s a fabulous house and I absolutely love it!!
How cute is this place?


Shayla said...

hehe I love the doggie pictures!!!!

The mustard crop IS beautiful!!!!!

That flooding is crazy! Yikes!

Tina said...

I apologize for not stopping by sooner. My blog feed doesn't always show me who's posting, so I have to scroll down and read each one.
My father and husband were both military, so I completely understand the hardships of moving and leaving old friends behind. I've been able to keep in touch with a lot of them and visit with them over the years.
I've enjoyed the photos of your travels, the wedding and your family. May God bless your new adventures!