Monday, July 18, 2011

The New House

I've been such a lazy blogger lately. I took a few photos of the house before we got our household goods delivered, but after that, I didn't even take the camera out of its bag for about a week or longer.
We have almost completely settled in. Just in time for our second shipment (stuff we've had in storage for the last year) to be delivered. I wish I could remember what all is in that shipment. I have a feeling it will show up during the time Nick is gone to the pre-command course. Won't that be lovely?
I worked like a crazy lady the first three days we were here. Suddenly, I lost my steam. Right now, we've been in the house around 11 days and I still have something in every room that needs to be finished up. UGH!
Today, Nick is back to work doing his in-processing. I am determined to finish up downstairs. I have a list and I hope I can stick to it!
Enjoy these photos of my empty house. It's a great house and I'm going to love living here..if I can just get finished.
The view from the front door. Dining room on right, living room and sun porch on left.
The living room, facing the front wall (with built-ins)
Better shot of the built-ins and you can see the front door over to the left.

The sun porch which is just on the other side of the fireplace wall. I love this room!

The dining room from the entry hall. You can see the kitchen door on the left.

This is a shot of the kitchen from the dining room. Once you walk in, immediately to the left is a butler's pantry which is just below.

Butler's pantry. Just to the left of the cabinet shown is a floor to ceiling pantry. Love it!

This is a shot of the kitchen looking back toward the dining room door (just to the right of that cabinet and two window wall) I am standing in the other door to the kitchen which comes in off the back door hallway.

Tiny little "bedroom" downstairs. That bathroom through the "bedroom" is the only bathroom downstairs so we will make this room a "sitting" room with Callie's old futon. That way it can be converted to a bedroom for a kid when we have guests that need to take his room.

This is the master bedroom from the hall. See that door?  It goes out to the "sleeping porch" which is right above the sun porch downstairs. It's wall to wall windows too and will be used as our home office.

This is the sleeping porch. Isn't it wonderful?!

This is a little room off the master with those built in closets. It is labeled the "dressing room" on the floor plan. That's what I use it for. I have Callie's old vanity table in there and all my clothes in those closets. It's too cool!
Here is the master bathroom. I finally have a bath tub again! I am enjoying it. It's SO long though, and I'm short, so it's a struggle to keep from drowning :)

This is the shower head in our bathroom. I thought it was very cool, but now I'm not so sure. Yes, it falls like rain. Yes, it looks all modern and what not, but like I said, I'm short. This sucker is so far up the wall that I seriously can't reach it to adjust it from a standing position in the shower. I have to stand on the side of the tub to adjust it. By the time it hits the top of my head, it's such a large spray that I have trouble rinsing my hair. Such a silly thing, but I think it doesn't spray very hard (dang water savers) and I have trouble and take longer in the shower now.

This is the upstairs hall. Linen closet on the right. I have tons of closets!

This is a shot of the guest room. The bedrooms are really big in this house.

Since I am having a hard time uploading more photos, I will leave you with these. This covers most of the house. I don't have a real photo of the outside, but will get one. I took one with my phone to send to friends and family and post on facebook, but it's not that great.
Thanks for being patient and hanging with me through the move. Hopefully, I will get a routine going again and start blogging about real life stuff. I'm so anxious to get involved in the community here, and there are LOTS of opportunities already. My neighbor has already tried to recruit me for the spouse's club board. I have a feeling I will be very busy, very soon!


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I seriously love that house. It's wonderful!

Quiltingranny said...

Wonderful home. I see you are in Washington..D.C. or state? I live in Washington state and would love to meet up with you and say hello once you are settled! Blessings my friend!

Shayla said...

Look at all of that SPACE!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it when you make it a home.

Kim Bee said...

Visiting from the over 40 bloggers. Kim

Sarbra said...

I really love your house! Cant wait to see how it looks like furnished:)

The OutPost said...

Can you get busy and post pictures of rooms
miss you my friend..