Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Apple Muffins and Cookbook Thoughts

I have a basket of apples. AGAIN. It's not a terribly big basket of apples, but nonetheless, it's more apples. I needed something to do with them. I've seen a few blog posts lately about apple muffins, apple crisps, cakes, etc So, today was the day I would finally do something with the apples!
So, I sat down and googled "apple muffins". I found a few different recipes, flipped through a couple of sights and clicked on this one:  The Girl Who Ate Everything-Apples Muffins

I made these muffins and they are delicious. Even better, I loved this blog! I can't wait to dig through it and find more yummy recipes.

While we're talking food and recipes. I would like to share some ideas and thoughts on how to keep recipes. Back in the day, you found recipes in cookbooks or someone wrote it down for you on a 3x5 card, scrap of paper, or back of a napkin. I had drawers full of these for years.
I do love my cookbooks, but let's face it. I have a recipe here, one in that one and I'm getting scattered and can't always remember where they are!

When I married my husband, his mother gave us a collection of recipes. She put them in this nice 3 ring binder. Because my husband is a Soldier, she picked a patriotic theme for the cover and for each recipe.

She even gave me a package of this nice paper so I could print my own recipes and add to the book. How smart is she to have put these in page protectors?  I'm a complete slob in the kitchen and these just wipe clean!

I have added lots of recipes to this book over the years. I will print them off of sites, or type them out of a book to print. I always make the recipe a few times before I declare it worthy of the "family" book.
I realized, not long ago, how much I love having this book. It's a great mixture of my husband's childhood favorites and things we enjoy now.
Since my son is getting married next year and my daughter just got married, I decided it would be a nice gift for them to make a collection of recipes.
I love the idea of a 3 ring binder so they can add to it over the years.
I would love to hear how you all keep your favorite recipes and what works best for you.
I do have a bit of an ulterior motive for making them their own books. I can take a break from them calling me up asking me how to make the same things all the time!


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

ok, this is one of those weird "sister" things...I have a binder too. I really do. Mine has recipes I've collected from both my mother and mother-in-law, friends over time, etc as well as recipes that we deem worthy to be repeated. Isn't that weird? But, I absolutely love the idea of giving my daughters a copy of the recipe book when they leave our nest. Something to remind them of home and to add to over the years. :)_ Great minds think alike! Except when it comes to scary stuff, right? ;)

The OutPost said...

OK, You are just so organized. It must be that Southern in you. lol
I am the one who has the friends recipes that I have collected, all over the place. My family recipes are all in my head so I may want to make this binder and give to my kids, since I have the same problem with them calling me when they are cooking. I think you should publish a recipe book or make one for just little ole me..miss you

kmcaffee said...

Oh my! These look a-mazing! I love apple stuff! I learned the "cover-the-recipe" trick from the mother of 8 a few years ago.....now if I would only start writing them down! Thanks for the reminder! Kelly :)


Michelle said...

Have you seen the digital recipe readers? I want one in the worst way. I am so bad with the organization of my recipes.

kmcaffee said...

Say what? Digital recipe readers??? Please share!!!

Michelle said...

step back from your keyboard and be prepared to drool...
i want this is the worst way possible. i had my daughter ask Santa for it in her letter last year. he didn't take the hint.