Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend activities

It's been a very busy weekend, in spite of the fact we haven't done much in two days but work at home.
Friday night was the formal ball I wrote about on Thursday. I was right, it was hot and I did sweat. I hate to sweat.
We all had a great time and even Elvis stopped in to sing to us for a little while. I knew he wasn't dead!

Yes, he stopped by my table to sing to me !
I was going through the photos we took as well as the pictures my friends posted on their facebook pages and realized I got not ONE photo of me with my husband. What does it say about me when I took photos with the girls and not with him? I guess I know how much I'm going to miss them when we leave. This was like our last hurrah before leaving the island. Here are a few photos of me with my friends.

One of me dancing with the girls:

Yes, we were doing the YMCA, and liking it.

I'm really not sure what we were doing in this one. Goofing off for the camera maybe? We had a nice dinner, listened to a speaker (yawn) and danced for two hours. I probably burned more calories that night than I did all week at the gym.

The rest of the weekend we have spent cleaning out closets, breaking down the guest room so we can use it for a storage room while we wait for the packers to get here on the 7th of June. I know it will come quickly and I do not want them to move anything I wish I had thrown out. I absolutely hate unpacking something that should have never been moved. Here is what my guest room looks like now:

And this:

And my hall closet:

On a positive note, I've accomplished a lot. I took a full load to the thrift shop and I have filled two large garbage bags for the dumpster. I can do more of that when my  husband is not around. He may be a hoarder, but he will never admit it. Bless his heart.
Tomorrow, the kid and I hit her room. She has boxes in the top of her closet that she never unpacked from our move here four years ago. Seriously.


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

SOOO much fun to have an occasion to dress up and have fun with other adults!! We all need this every once in a while!
I usually purge as well when we move...nothing like moving to get rid of stuff...what is it with these men?? Mine gets it from his mom...every once in a while I sneak in his closet and take out a few them in the laundry room for a while just to see if he'll notice it's gone...when he doesn't notice, it's off to the Salvation Army!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

You all look gorgeous! I want a prom too!