Monday, May 17, 2010

New week, new menu

I haven't posted a weekly menu in a while. There just seemed to be other things to write about! I love having a plan at the beginning of the week. It helps me shop and keeps my days a little less stressful. Last week was so crazy we had to change our dinner plans a few times.
This week's menu:
Sunday: Burgers on the grill and Paula Deen's red potato salad.
Monday: A big garden salad with roasted chicken breast
Tuesday: Black-eyed peas, ham and cornbread
Wednesday: Grilled rib-eye for Nick, I'm going to be out
Thursday: Shepherd's pie and a green salad
Friday: Birthday dinner out for my husband!

My husband loves the potato salad we had last night. I like it because it's not terribly mayonnaise-y. The burgers were delicious. I do LOVE a burger made on the grill. We ate outside with rum, diet coke and our favorite Hawaiian music on my iPod speakers. It was so nice. I couldn't believe how long we sat and talked without the distraction of the TV.
Today, Callie and I cleaned out her closet. I thought my husband was a hoarder... he's NOTHING compared to this child. Every little thing she pulled out had a story. There was a lot of her bottom lip sticking out as she got rid of some of her high school momentos. I swear the kid had every purse she's owned the last four years, every wallet, and every dead cell phone. We took two HUGE garbage bags to the curb as well as a cardboard box, and one huge box is ready to go to the thrift store. I have a feeling that as I'm unpacking her stuff in RI, I'll be tossing a few more things.
My house is upside down right now and I think I'm just going to go with it. The movers will be here in three weeks and I can't see it getting straight before then.


Renee said...

Yum...the menu souns great. You posting it reminded me of the Hee Haw skit.. "Hey Granpa...what's for dinner"? Loved that silly show!!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

If I had to clean out my kids' closets there would be a lot more than just some bottom lip showing. I think it would be all out war! I guess one of the perks of moving every few years is that not too much can accumulate, huh?