Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Celebrations

I have read a common theme in Mother’s Day blogs the last few days. Disappointed moms, kids that didn’t quite step up and husbands that have a bad attitude!
I must admit, until this year, my own dear husband was one of those men. He never recognized me on Mother’s Day and certainly never gave me a gift. His answer was “You’re not my mother.” I would snip a little and complain but never really pushed it, until this year.
Several weeks ago, as I was doing the entire shopping, shipping, planning etc for BOTH our moms to have a special day, I hinted at things I’d like to have for my Mother’s Day. Once again, I got the “You’re not my mother” line. I finally lost it. I said ya know what buddy? You’re not my father either but I honor you on Father’s Day. He claims I only did that because the children were almost worthless when it comes to Father’s Day. I told him that besides my own father, HE is the most important father in my life. No, we don’t share children in the biological sense. He has however, been an excellent father to my three children when their own deadbeat dad fell off the face of the earth. I’m forever grateful for him taking that role. Guess what? He finally got it!
So, on the Saturday before Mother’s Day he took me to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.

 This is a huge swap meet that sits in the parking lot of the Aloha Stadium...thus the name. There are booths upon booths of anything and everything you can imagine for Hawaii. Cheap tourist souvenirs, purses, beach towels, cheesy Tiki signs and even some lovely handmade items. I had decided I wanted to purchase some of the cheesy Hawaiian stuff, because I might like a cheesy Tiki Bar in my forever house. So, we shopped. I bought the following cheesy tiki/Hawaiian items:
Why is that sideways? I can't fix it.. turn your head.

I also purchased these lovely wooden bowls. The guy that sells these has some beautiful ones and will make a good deal for you if you buy more than one item. I wanted a large salad bowl and baby, I got it!

Another one that's sideways..sheesh.

Ok I don't know what's up with the photos and I've taken way too long to post this for me to care anymore. Sorry for the crick in your neck!


Southern Belle said...

Really cool stuff; I love the signs!!!!

Tiffanie said...

How beautiful! I'm glad your Mother's Day turned out good this year!!! :o))) EVERY MOTHER DESERVES IT!!!

Mind said...

I'm glad he got his act together before you had to whap him upside the head. You're going to have the best tiki bar this side of the Pacific. :)

Michelle said...

I have to confess, I was going to complain about Mother’s Day. About how my “girls” don’t step up to the plate. I go out of my way for those two and they don’t really put any thought into Mother’s Day or my birthday. *grrr* Ingrates! I am very glad you had a fun & terrific Mother’s Day. Love your buys, even if they are sideways. :o)