Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's Your Travel Style?

As I mentioned, I'm headed to Hawaii today.  My flight doesn't leave for another three hours, but because of Nick's schedule, he had to bring me early. I don't mind really. I'm enjoying quiet time and I have my computer, my kindle, and my smart phone. How much more plugged in could I be?

One of my favorite pass times at the airport is people watching. I love to see the clothes people wear, their shoes, the interesting groups of people... and yes, I like to try to figure them out. Young family, business associates, organizations traveling in groups, etc. Sometimes I even make up stories in my mind. I'm sure they are more exciting than the truth sometimes.

For instance, right now, there is an older couple sitting near me. Since I'm flying to Hawaii and they are at my gate area, I'm assuming they are going there as well. They have their two carry on bags loaded on one of those smartcarte wheelie things and are plugging in their cell phones. I'm hoping they are going for some fabulous vacation.

There are always business travelers. They aren't hard to spot. Usually traveling in their "business casual" attire and carrying laptop bags. Then there are the families with hoody sporting teenagers or sticky faced toddlers. I feel for the families of small children. They might as well be pack mules with all the stuff they are dragging along.

I love to see what different people wear to travel. You see the women wearing fabulous clothes with heels and beautiful bags. I want to be that woman. I want to look like the very chic world traveler, but alas, I'm the comfort traveler.
Today I'm wearing my very faded, very worn, comfortable jeans. I'm wearing a light weight fleece shirt (it's cold up in the Pacific Northwest) and my tennis shoes.  No one will look at me and think I'm anything but a mom traveling to see a grown child. I'm hoping they don't quite guess I'm going to see a grand baby. I prefer to think that I don't quite look like a grandma just yet.
I almost always regret my sloppy/comfy clothes once I arrive at the airport and see other women dressed to the nines. However, once I'm tucked into my way too small seat and have crammed my bag under the seat in front of me, I'll be glad I'm in tennis shoes that I can easily slip off and my fleece that will keep me from freezing on the plane. 
What traveler are you?  Do you dress up?  Are you a pack mule?  Or are you a comfortable mom like me? 


Lydia said...

When I was in college, I always liked to dress up a bit. I'd wear nice jeans and a nice shirt with a tailored jacket. You know, just in case I'd end up next to an attractive man. Yeah, never happened. The seat next to me was always empty or occupied by an elderly woman. lol! Now that I'm happily married (and the mom of a toddler), I go the comfort route, wearing yoga pants, a fitted t-shirt, backless shoes, and a zip-up hoodie to keep me warm on the plane. Now I wonder why I always thought it was worth it to dress up before.

Have fun visiting your grandbaby!

JG said...

I am always a comfort traveler. Regardless of the weather, I wear flip flops to go through security and like you say, take off you shoes. But we are also definitely pack mules. Always the two carry-on items per person. I don't know how to travel light :)

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Elaine D said...

I can relate! I love to travel and I definitely go for comfort over fashion.