Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet Jackson

I've been in Hawaii for four days now. I have spent every day with my beautiful grandson. He is, without a doubt, the most precious baby in the world. I'm sure every grandmother says that about their grandchildren, but I'm not lying here. This is the one.

This photo was taken the first morning I saw Jackson. I think it's just precious and I will probably frame it. At least once, maybe multiple times and put all over my house :)

How sweet is this?  Another one for a frame?  Who am I kidding? I think my home is about to be re-decorated. The theme..???  Baby Jackson.

Here he is "talking" to his Grandpa.  Grandpa was doing most of the talking.

For this one, I had been sitting next to him, literally snapping photo after photo. I can't get tired of him at all.

Saturday, we ventured out of the house and took a walk around the north shore. We had to have shave ice.. I insisted!! 
Jackson's first trip to the beach with his mom and dad. He slept through it. What a beautiful day!!


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Okay, he is seriously exceptionally cute. Congratulations!

JG said...

He is gorgeous! Congratulations! And Jackson is one of my favorite names :)