Friday, March 9, 2012

Where is the Time Going?

I just read my last post and can't believe that I left all of you hanging, waiting on my menu post. I'm kidding.. I know that no one lost sleep over that.

I was just looking at my calendar, trying to squeeze one more evening event in there, and realized that time is not on my side lately.

As an Army wife, there have been times when I have desperately wanted time to fly, and times when I wished for it to drag. The older I get, the faster it seems to go.. except during a deployment, of course.

With Nick taking brigade command, I find myself entertaining more and wanting to reach out to more groups of spouses. I struggle with trying to fit it all in every month. It may come down to re-prioritizing some events.

Speaking of time demands, this week, I agreed to be nominated to be the president of our community's spouses' club. It was a difficult decision and I took several days to think and pray about it, but decided I could do this and maybe make a difference in a club that has been two years in transition. I'm excited to serve the military spouses in this community and hope I don't tarnish my name in the process.

So, here's to more hours in the day, more days in the month, and to delegating to others!  Let's hope I can follow my own advice.

Here is a look at my calendar. I thought I might pretty it up a bit for you, but decided you can see it in all it's glory. Scribbles, scratched out events and all...piled up on other papers that need to be filed, shredded and gone through. Sounds like a project for this weekend.

There are a few events I haven't written in yet, because I'm still deciding what day to do them!! Not to mention the entertaining Nick wants to do that I will have to squeeze in somewhere.

Happy Friday everyone. I hope your weekend is fantastic!

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Expat Girl said...

I love having a full planner! It sounds like you are really busy but I know that if I were stationed there I would be grateful to have you running things!