Monday, March 12, 2012

Creative Army Wives

One of the things on my full calendar is a "Mock Dining In" coming up this Friday. It's an event being held by the Spouses' Club here and is a fundraiser for the many wonderful things this club does in our community.

For those of you not familiar with a Dining In, an Army tradition, I will do my best to explain.  Since it's an all Soldier event, I've never attended a Dining In, but my husband has.

So these Soldiers get together for a formal night out... no spouses. They dress up, eat food, drink lots and smoke cigars. I think the motto is "What happens at the Dining In, stays at the Dining In"  So, we are having our own evening with this theme.

These ladies are serious about their Dining In. Tickets are sold according to units. Each unit is responsible for decorating their table and the theme is "Unit Pride"  So, we are engineers.. we'll decorate our table in that fashion. Get it?

There are two different kinds of Army Engineers.  One is a construction unit. They build things. Bridges, roads, buildings, do all kinds of infrastructure. It speaks for itself.
The others are combat engineers. They blow things up. They are the guys who do the road clearance and get rid of those pesky IEDs we hear so much about. We appreciate them.. LOTS.

We have two tables and each will represent one side of the Engineer house. Dirt movers, bridges, somehow blowing things up, etc. I'm not the creative one, I just facilitate the others.

We are also dressing the part. We painted t-shirts with the engineer castle on them, will wear jeans, tool belts, boots and hard hats with our cool shirts. 

Today we got together to paint the shirts. I'm always amazed at what a group of Army wives can do. These girls rock and we're going to have custom shirts at our event! 

Enjoy a few photos of our shirts.

It looks like somebody bled out.. doesn't it?

Launa, working her magic with a can of fabric spray paint. Who knew there was fabric spray paint?


Hanging to dry. Tomorrow I will distribute the shirts!! 


Quiltingranny said...

You are so amazing and these women are so creative. How fun! Maybe one day over the summer, we can meet up and have lunch and share our quilting and crafting, we live so close!

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

This is so fun! I might have to borrow this idea sometime!