Monday, January 23, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm....

It's January, I'm back on the bandwagon for working out, eating healthy, etc. so I went to the gym this morning.
As I'm humping it on the treadmill, I have CNN on the big TV in front of me. I saw the following story:

This was a story about a "sex surrogate"  This woman who is 67 years old and a grandmother of two, is a "registered sex surrogate"   She essentially gets paid for sex. When asked about that, she answered that no, she isn't getting paid for sex, she is an expert on touching, communication etc. That it is all body parts and not just genitals that are involved.

Excuse me?!  We have another word for people who are paid for sex and the last I looked, it was illegal.  Believe it or not, this woman is one of approximately 50 that are registered in this country.
The story goes on to say that she has had over 950 "clients" and services them mostly at her home. They showed  a shot of her bedroom. I had to wonder.... are candles and sheets a tax write-off for these people???  I can imagine they go through a bunch of them.

Shaking my head... I guess it takes all kinds.

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JG said...

I think this wins "most random blog post of the week." haha. Wow.