Monday, January 16, 2012

Callie's Trip

I'm sad today. Today we had to take Callie to the airport so she could fly back to Texas and start her second semester of Nursing School.

We had such a good time while she was here. I SO miss having another female in the house.
Not only did she help out last Sunday at her reception, but she and I got to spend time doing fun things together.
We spent one day in Seattle doing a little sight seeing. I had not been to the top of the Space Needle and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do that. There is actually a restaurant at the top that rotates as you sit and eat. It can make for a little motion sickness if you are prone to that!
We had a great seat and magnificent views. The day was unusually clear and we could see for miles.
 Here we are in the restaurant with a bit of the view behind us. We had a delicious lunch and it was truly a treat.
 Here is a view of the Space Needle from the ground looking up. It's magnificent.
 Speaking of magnificent.. check out this view. This was from the observation deck after lunch. That mountain is such a presence here. On a clear day you can see it from almost anywhere it still looks HUGE.

Here are a few views of our trip up to Mt. Rainier. It was a very snowy day and we could only go up so far, but Callie got a dose of snow and that's really all she wanted.
 Check out the size of this tree!  I actually have other photos of this tree. We have been up this road every month since October. It's interesting to see how the weather changed every month. I will share those in another post.
Nick and Alex attempting to put snow chains on the car. We borrowed those chains and didn't realize that they were too big for our vehicle. So, we didn't go all the way up as far as we could go. It's probably best, because the weather was getting really nasty.

My snow bunny. She is such a little southern girl and truly loves to see a little snow. It really doesn't take much of it to make her happy.
After being here for a week and a half, she was ready to head back to Texas to warmer weather. She's a bit of a wimp like her mother when it comes to the cold.

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