Monday, October 17, 2011

Time is Flying

I knew when I signed on that it had been a while since I wrote a blog post. I did NOT know that it had been over a month!  I think I've had a breakdown in communication lately and I don't know why. I haven't been on the phone, I haven't emailed (except when necessary for my volunteer jobs) and I haven't even read another blog in weeks.  It's odd, because I really have enjoyed writing my blog and reading my favorites.
It's been a big adjustment coming from the war college back to the real Army. I have enjoyed settling in our new home and getting to know my fabulous neighbors.
The home, neighborhood and various activities around here have kept me busy, but I need to settle into a routine very soon.
I have been thinking of the direction this blog should go as my husband takes another command. I want to maintain his professionalism and keep our personal lives somewhat private, but still share what I'm doing with my family and friends and maybe, help someone else on this journey of being an Army wife.
So, I intend to continue to post about my passions. Cooking, baking, thrift shopping, family and the fabulousness of being an Army wife. I hope to pass along some good information and wisdom to others who may be coming up behind me.
Today, I took Nick to the airport for the last three weeks of his pre-command courses. He will return very shortly before the change of command and I have tons to do between now and then to get ready for his reception and my role as, well.. whatever it is he wants me to do.
I have a long list of things to do before he gets home. If the past is any indicator, I will only accomplish a few of them so it's important that I prioritize.
I am seriously behind on catching up with some dear friends. So, Jackie and Deb, I will be calling you this week. Hopefully they will answer the phone and are still speaking to me.
I am piecing together my first quilt. This quilt was going to be a surprise for my oldest daughter who is expecting my first grandchild. I couldn't keep it to myself and I've told her about it. It's a quilt of sock monkey fabrics and I'm so looking forward to finishing and seeing if it looks anything like it should.
I'm still busy as a football mom and am helping to feed around 65 football boys every week at their team dinner.
I'm ready for this short three week time of quiet before the storm hits. I'm ready to be involved with Army families again and am up for the challenge of being the commander's wife again.
Buckle up everyone... it's going to be a wild ride!!!

Thanks for hanging in with me. I promise to do better from here on out.

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The OutPost said...

Maybe I will and then again , maybe I won'
Looking forward to catching up if you remember my #
talk soon..