Monday, October 31, 2011


I’m going to post some photos of my Halloween prep so you all don’t think I’ve been completely worthless!  Just because I’m not blogging doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything. 

I’ve actually been very busy with other things. Nick’s change of command is coming up quickly and I realized the other day I’m two weeks out and haven’t finalized plans for the reception that follows the ceremony. So, I’ve been working with the caterer, my friend who is decorating and another friend who is making the cake. I’ve also been talking to the wonderful Soldiers that are helping with the ceremony to get the business side of everything done.  Where is my husband during this process, you may ask…. well he’s still TDY.  How convenient.  He just keeps emailing me events to put on my calendar. Looks like brigade command is going to require a lot more social events than we had before. It’s ok, I like social!

Yesterday, I decided to brave the drizzle outside and carve our pumpkins. My plan was that a certain teenage boy would help me, but since he had put off about three days of homework until Sunday afternoon, that was not an option. So, I set up my pumpkin carving station.


Since there was a very chilly drizzle falling, I opted for under the canopy in the backyard.



See the wet ground?  It looks like that a lot lately.


Everything is here. Pattern, cutting instruments, objects of scooping pumpkin guts, my glasses (so I can see what I’m cutting!)  What you can’t see is my iPod station in the chair. Ironically, Kenny Chesney was singing about the sun, the sand and a drink with no bottom. Appropriate, don’t you think?


Finished product number one. They just don’t look so good in this light.

Pumpkin number two. See the container of seeds?  Those are for roasting!


Much better in this light!!  Creeeepy!


And again, much better when it’s glowing in the darkness!



Here is a daylight shot of my outdoor decorations.

And one of the front door area. If there hadn’t been that glare on the storm door, you’d see there is a fall wreath up there. If I was a better photographer, I would have figured out a way to eliminate the glare.

Tonight I will gear up for trick-or-treaters.  I love seeing the little ones all dressed up. I hear there will be lots in this neighborhood. I have a feeling I should hit the commissary today and get more candy.

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!


Jen in NY said...

Sounds like you've been really busy, Paula! Your pumpkins came out great. I love your front door, it looks so festive and autumnal! Happy Halloween! xo Jen

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