Friday, June 24, 2011

Niagara Falls

As I mentioned previously, our first day on the road took us to Niagara Falls, NY.  Neither the kids nor I had ever been and it wasn’t too far out of the way, so Nick decided that would be a good place to stop for the night.


I had people tell me that the Canadian side was the place to be as far as hotels and restaurants, but alas, we didn’t pack our passports (and the kids didn’t have any) so we were limited to the US side. I have to admit, I felt like our side was a little seedy. It was very touristy and a little yucky.  In spite of that, we had a good stay.
We checked into our hotel, settled the dogs in and started the walk over to the falls. I was amazed at the magnificence and power of that much rushing water. It was truly awesome. I could have stayed and watched for hours with the spray hitting me.




After the hiking around the falls area, we were a little hot, tired, thirsty and hungry. We headed over to the Hard Rock Café for an adult beverage and dinner. Later, after we got back to our hotel, Callie decided that Zach would like a Hard Rock t-shirt so she and I headed back over to pick one up. As we made our way back to the hotel, we saw this and decided we needed ice cream.

I couldn’t believe the flavors this place had. It was a simple little ice cream shop with a walk up window. They had stuff like red velvet cake, yellow cake with chocolate frosting swirls, and all kinds of stuff.  They were delicious. I didn’t get a photo of us eating them because they were melting so fast we had it all over!
It was a good first day on the road and we enjoyed Niagara so much. Next stop… Green Bay, WI. Now THAT was a long drive!


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I might be willing to drive all the way to Niagra Falls for an ice cream selection like that.

Jessica said...

We had to stay stateside Thanksgiving 2009 when we went to the Falls. Nobody told M that he had to have a briefing to go to the Canadian side. He's on leave now and we are about to PCS back to the South. I would love to go to the Canadian side before we leave.

Loopy said...

Oh my gosh. I am so behind in my blog reading. I knew that you were headed out of RI but I didn't know where you were I know. I follow a blogger in the Pacific Northwest and it looks absolutely beautiful there. She always has great pictures on her blog. If you want to check it out, she's at

Enjoy the wedding and the rest of your trip. Safe travels!