Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fun times

We are trying to cram as much fun as we can during our last few weeks  here in Rhode Island.  Now that the weather is mostly nice, we are trying to do more and more.
Friday night we drove up the road a little to see a minor league baseball game. I do love watching baseball (at the park, not so much on TV) but even more so, I love having the beer and hot dogs. This ball park had margaritas too. You know I had to have one .. or two.

Here we are enjoying their ball park food. Alex got a hamburger, a hot dog, fries, soda and then later went back for ice cream. Holy Cow!


You have to love a boy scout troop color guard. It’s so home town.

Saturday we played tourist and went to see the last of the two Newport Mansions we hadn’t seen previously. I absolutely love walking through these “cottages”.  It’s amazing how they lived in the gilded age.
Sunday we hosted friends for a lobster boil. It was awesome. Nick cooked lobster in our turkey fryer on the back patio. My friends Cindy and Deb both brought side dishes and I provided the third side and made homemade ice cream.  We haven’t had homemade ice cream in sooo long. It was delicious and everyone raved about it.  Later that evening we cranked up the fire pit and let the kids make s’mores.  We spent the last few hours of the evening sitting by the fire chatting and enjoying our adult beverages. It was AWESOME. I’m SO going to miss my buddies here.  I was just tickled that we got to get together one more time before we all get crazy with moving.
On Monday, Nick, Callie and I took the water taxi over into town and just walked around. We had a delicious lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, The Red Parrot, where we enjoyed raw oysters and lobster nachos.  I can not describe how amazing these nachos are. The lobster meat on top is in big lumps.. no skimpy wimpy lobster there. The sauce is so stinkin’ rich and then it has melted cheese over the top. I just gained five pounds typing about it.
Here are a few photos of us taking the water taxi. It was such a beautiful weekend. I’m thrilled to have had such a nice four day weekend with friends and family.



Have I mentioned how much I’m going to miss this beautiful place??


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I know you'll miss RI...I've never been there but just through your photos and blog postings, I've got it on my list ;)

Taylor said...

Sounds beautiful and amazing! Although, I do not like lobster. Actually, I'm too scared to try it! :)