Friday, September 6, 2013


My last post was in February. That was just a month after my husband deployed. Here we are, the first week in September and we are planning for re-deployment. I can't believe we are on this end already.

In some ways, the time has flown by. At other times, I thought the days and weeks would never end.

I think staying busy has made the time go quickly. I looked back at my calendar just now and counted up some of the things I've done.

I attended 33 ceremonies, three formal balls, went on four trips and participated in so many receptions, parties, welcomes, farewells and meetings that I can't even count them. It makes me exhausted to look back at the scheduling. I also graduated two of our kids from their schools.

Our re-deployment window is coming up within the next six weeks. In that time, I have two more formal events to attend, meetings, appointments and ceremonies. Not to mention the personal appointments I'll want to take care of before I see my love. Hair, nails, waxing and shopping for the perfect homecoming outfit. Whew! It will be here before I know it.

Nine month deployments are definitely better than 12 or 15 months, but not having that break in the middle for him to come home has made it seem so much longer. My hope and prayer is that this is our last one and that all our Military Families can look forward to time at home with their loved ones.

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