Monday, October 22, 2012


I mentioned in my last post that we had adopted another dog.

A few short weeks after losing our second dog, I realized I was just miserable without a dog. Who would have thought?  I really thought having no dogs to tie me down would be liberating, but I was wrong.
After losing my dad in April and both dogs not long after that, I was experiencing a huge sense of loss and depression.
Nick convinced me to go on and look for another dog.
We started at the Tacoma Animal Shelter which just made me cry. We walked through that place the first time and I felt so sad looking at those dogs without homes.
To make a long story a little shorter, a few weeks after our first visit, we saw this little dog who wasn't barking and looked so sweet. I had already decided I'd like to have another dachshund and she was it.
After inquiring about this little dog, I found out she wasn't available yet because she was awaiting a teeth cleaning. I followed up on her for a full week and as soon as I found out she was finally available, I grabbed Nick and we flew over to the shelter to get her.
I have enjoyed this sweet little dog and have loved watching her come out of her shell as she's gotten more comfortable with us.
Here are a few photos of Miss Dixie.
This was taken the day we brought her home.

I took her to the groomer to have her trimmed up since I know NOTHING about a long haired dachshund, and they put this bow in her hair. (Nick HATED that) She kept it in about an hour and then it was gone. How cute is she?

This is where she is most of the time. On back of one of the couches in the house. She can see out the window that way and is the queen of the house.
I have enjoyed this little dog so much. It's amazing that I was able to rescue her but she has given me so much in return.

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Renee said...

Paula...I am so sorry about Chloe. Miss Dixie is just adorable and I know she will bring you so much joy!!